Type Of Retreats


Corporate wellness retreats are intended for companies that value employees health and wellbeing. They are particularly focused on people working in fast paced environments, long office hours, heavy workloads that lead to increased level of stress and even burnout. The program offers combination of body and mind balance excercices, detaching from stress and daily routines, tip and practices to in order to make improve overall lifestyle. 

Investing in workplace wellness will not only benefit employees but the productivity and postitive results at the workplace. 



For women and men of all ages looking for a way to lose weight, to improve overall health and complete change of lifestyle with a support of professional team. The program consists of a balanced diet, created by nutritionist, hiking, swimming, yoga, fitness workout, or other activities depending on the individual or group needs.

DIGITAL DETOX RETREAT- Disconnect to reconnect

It is intended to all willing to disconnect from work and overwhelming digital devices and to re-evaluate their relationship with digital technology.

The program offers creative activities and techniques, focused on the mind, body and spirit, that will enable you to disconnect from all digital devices in

order to reconnect with yourself, with nature and to help you realize that you can still “survive” and enjoy life with connection to digital devices even if it is for few days.



Mental and emotional healing program intended to clear all traumas and emotional blockages from the past or present, that prevents you to reach your full potential and wellbeing.  It will help you to gain self-confidence and self-discipline to make positive life changes. The program includes, coaching and counseling with professional, meditation and breathing techniques, healthy diet as well as personalized plan and objectives, including consultation on the progress after the retreat.


Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga retreat

The program can help you tone and energies your body, release stress and anxiety and make you ready to return to your daily challenges, inspired and full of energy and enthusiasm. The program includes carefully chosen tranquil locations, detoxing meals, mindful living workshop, yoga and meditation, relaxing massages, walking and networking with like-minded individuals.